リンダ リンダ リンダ Linda Linda Linda 
Aki Maeda (Girl #15) stars in the movie Linda Linda Linda in 2005. Her Battle Royale co-worker, Takayo Mimura (Girl #8) had a supporting role in the film as well.
The movie is about a group of high school girls who have formed a band to perform at their high school cultural festival in three days, but now the band's guitarist and singer have quit. The remaining members desperately need to find a new singer – And grab the first girl who walks by. 

Dean seemed to thrive on dangerous stunts, and he used his motorcycle as his instrument more than once. I always refused to get on the back of it when he drove. “Why,” he would ask, “Yuh scared?”
"Yes, Jim, I’m scared," I once answered. "You take too many chances."
We were in front of my place, and he gunned the motor and took off. I would have stopped him and gotten my camera for some shots, but he was already zooming towards Park Avenue. I went inside. About fifteen minutes later my doorbell rang. I hadn’t heard any loud crashes, but was still relieved to see Jimmy when I opened the door.
"That was a short trip," I said and smiled. "Glad to see you back alive." He headed for the couch and settled in for an argument. He talked about the exhileration of taking chances and how great that felt. I am by nature more cautious, do our discussion was lively. We finally wound around to bullfighting and Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon.
His eyes lit up and he leaned forward as he insisted that “Old Hemingway squeezed the juice out of life.”
I agreed.
"I’m not going to live past 30," he said, and smiled, looking intently at me.


KSC Week | Day 5: (Chapter 2/4) Kennett and the MF Gang AU - Convinced that Bonnie’s new demeanor and relationship with Kol are the result of some sinister plot on the Original’s part, the Gilberts and the Salvatores take drastic action. Their desperate measures have dire consequences for Bonnie, unbeknownst to Kol as he tears the world down, searching for her.

"I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her."

Fangirl Challenge: [11/20] Families » Tony Stonem and Effy Stonem
"Sometimes I think you are the only person in the whole world Tony truly cares about.”